Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Makeup and Skincare TAG!

So I'm BACK! So about a month ago I got laid off from my job(which was very shocking, you don't think it'll happen to you until it does), but since then I have had no idea what to do with myself. I go to school, but then when I'm not in school, I have NOTHING to do /: Except Makeup. I do makeup everyday, and I'd do it all day if I could :p

Here's a tag to make my comeback a little easier:

1. How often do you wash your face?
1 time a day(though more often would be better)

2. Your skin type?
I have normal skin for sure. I'm pretty blessed that way. I get dry a little in the winter, but that's normal.
3. Which facial cleanser do you use?
I switch it up all the time but at the moment I'm using Go 360 Deep Clean Exfoliating Scrub by L'Oreal.
4. Do you use facial peels?
Not peels but I do use a rejuvenating mask once a week. 

5. Which peeling product do you use?
I use Juice Beauty's Organic Facial Rejuvenating Mask.

6. Which moisturizer do you use?
One of the moisturizers I use is from Israel and I'm not sure of the name because it rubbed off(not great packaging :p) but I also use tinted moisturizer most days(instead of heavy foundation) and I use Get A Tint in Natural/Buff by mark.

7. Do you have freckles?

8. Do you use an eye cream?
I occasionally use Renergie Lift Volumetry Eye by Lancome.
9. Do you have acne problems?
No luckily. I'm pretty blessed with my skin.

10. Do you use SPF?
Not as much as I should, but I wear tinted moisturizer with SPF in it.

11. Foundation?
I'm big on tinted moisturizer. I use Get A Tint by mark. in Natural/Buff. I love it! I'm also considering getting a more expensive heavy foundation for special occasions like Make Up Forever HD Foundation or Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation.

12. Concealer?
I use Sorme Believable Cover Concelear in medium.

13. Do you know your skin tone?
Yeah I'd say I'm Neutral/Warm.

14. What do you think about the false lashes?
I love them! I only wear them on special occasions(like Halloween or a night out), but rarely.

15. What do you think about the rule of changing mascara every 3 months?
I definitely don't follow that. I think you just need to watch it and make sure it doesn't smell funky. I couldn't afford to constantly switch it up.

16. Your mascara?
Maybelline Falsies all the way. I LOVE it.

17. Sephora or MAC?
Both. Amazing make-up in both. Just depends on what I'm looking for. I definitely shop more at Sephora, but MAC gets visits.

18. Which makeup tool do you use mostly?
Besides for my brushes? My eyelash curler definitely.

19. Do you use eye shadow base?
Yup either Urban Decay Primer Potion(not my fav.) or MAC Paint Pots(I LOVE these for primers).

20. Base for face?
Yes I use Sorme Fresh Start, it's great. Sometimes I use Urban Decay Face Primer, but rarely. Also, I ALWAYS use The Body Shop Duo Glow in shade Salvador Blush, I'm obsessed with it as a highlight.

21. What is your favourite eye shadow?
That isn't a fair question. I use all kinds of eyeshadows everyday. From palettes to mark. to Sephora, that's the product I switch up most.

22. Which one is your favourite: liquid or dry eyeliners?
I LOVE liquid liner, I prefer it over dry, but I only use dry on the bottom and only use liquid on the top. So it just depends.

23. Have you ever had a mascara accident?
Besides for getting it on my finished eyeshadow and having to redo everything, no :p

24. What do you think about pigment eye shadows?
I love them. I recently started pressing them too and I love it.

25. What about mineral make up?
I only have mineral eyeshadows, and love them, but never tried anything else.

26. What is your favourite lipstick?
I use MACs Viva La Glam Lady Gaga II all the time. Probably everyday. I love it. It's a beautiful nude.

27. Lipgloss?
I love mark. hook up glow baby glow luxe in Sun Luxe. Looks amazing, also mark. hook up glow baby glow in girly girl.

28. Your favourite blush?
I love NARS Orgasm(who doesn't?) But I also really love Lancome's in Rouge Glow, or mark.'s in Sunlove Glo.

29. Do you buy make up from Ebay?
That's how I got my Urban Decay Primer Potion. It went well, cheaper then usual and it came fine.

30. What do you think about drugstore products?
All of my mascaras that I love(mainly Falsies) are drugstore. Love it.

31. Have you ever considered taking a make up lesson?
I'm actually a certified make-up artist, so I had to take a course to get my certification.

32. Are you clumsy in putting make up?
I'm clumsy in everything BUT makeup :p

33. What's the worst make up disaster for you?

The worst is wrong color foundation or too heavy, streaky bronzer.

34. Do you like bright ot natural colors?

I love natural colors for when I'm being lazy, but I prefer bright colors any-day. I have a pretty crazy makeup style.

35. Which celebrities' makeup is your favorite?

- I love Lady Gaga because she isn't afraid to take risks, but I can't really pinpoint any one celebrity I love.

36. What would be your one and only make up material to use life long if you had to choose one? 
Mascara, blush or highlighter(I cant decide!!!!!)

37. Do you ever go out without make up?
Yeah of course.

38. What do you think about your look without make up?
Some days it's better then others :p

39. Which cosmetic brand do you think is the best?
Um, probably MAC, Makeup Forever, Benefit, Sephora, mark., there are toooo many! :p

40 . What do you think about make up in general?
Uh, it's the only hobby I have. I'm so passionate about makeup. I love it. Anyone who knows me knows I love makeup.

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