Thursday, December 15, 2011

Holiday Nails and fun rainbow look :D

 So this is my fun rainbow look. If you guys want me to do a tutorial. I could probably find the strength and do one for you :D Otherwise just enjoy the picture. I love this take on a rainbow eye. I used a few different products for this which I can go over if you guys want me to do the tutorial, but otherwise mainly I used my Beauties Factory 120 Color Palette.

 And this is my holiday nail polish look. I can do a tutorial for this too if you want. All I did was tape off one side of my nail, use a deep purple, then take the tape off, line the middle with red polish, then the other half that has no color I put a gold/yellow color, and then used that same color VERY lightly on the purple and red part too. I love it <3

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