Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Beauty From the Earth Swatches!!!!

So these swatches are in horrible lighting and do NOT do these colors justice, but you can see a little what the colors look like to give you an idea. The more colors I get, I'll keep putting up swatches, I really love this brand. I'm a huge fan of Crystal's(she owns BFTE cosmetics) cosmetics.

At the left: Top= With Urban Decay Shadow Primer, Below that=nothing
At the right: These are the colors wet(I used Mixing Medium from BFTE)
The colors here are(from left to right): Chili Pepper, Lemon, Blue Me Over, Erase the Stigma, Zach's Friends, Bali, Little Beach, Faith, Lavish, and Caribbean

My favorite from this bunch is definitely Erase the Stigma(for an amazing cause too..I actually thought about starting a suicide awareness campaign myself so this(and Zach's Friends) are both colors I hold deep in my heart. Also, I really like Little Beach and Faith too. They look amazing wet.

At the left: Top=With Urban Decay Primer,   Bottom= nothing
At the Right: Wet using BFTE's Mixing Medium

The colors here(from left to right) are: Whisper, Raspberry, Grape, Green Apple, Diamonds, Blueberry, Orchid, Honey, and Gem

My favorite of the bunch is definitely Whisper, this picture doesn't capture ANY of the beauty in the pigments of this color. In the shade it's a beigey color, and in the it's almost purple, a VERY iridescent color. It's amazing. I also love Raspberry, Green Apple, Blueberry and Honey.

At the Left: Top= With Urban Decay Primer,   Bottom= nothing
At the Right: these are wet using BFTE's Mixing Medium
The colors here(from left to right) are: Luck Me, Crystal, Promises, High Maintenance, and Moonwalk

My favorite from this bunch are Promises, High Maintenance and Moonwalk. Promises and High Maintenance are gorgeous and this picture doesn't do them justice. Moonwalk is an AMAZING neutral color. It's a beautiful brown.

Check out Beauty from the Earth's site!!

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  1. Lovely, thanks for sharing! I hope Bali is added to the site soon; I got a sample from a friend and I adore it!<3