Monday, July 23, 2012

Filling in your Eyebrows!

I recently discovered the greatness of filling in your eyebrows and the effect it can have on your face as a whole and I am now in love. Someone requested I do a tutorial so below I have a short tutorial on how to fill in your brows! Let me know what you think!! As always, I do apologize about the camera and the light, I'm aware they are both horrible :p


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Sunday, July 22, 2012

GDE(Glamour Doll Eyes) look!

I did this look using 2 colors from the newly released Blogger Collection, you should all know by now my obsession with GDE!!! I hope you enjoy! To purchase GDE click here(it IS an affiliate link)!


To do this look I used UDPP in Eden as a base, along with NYX JEP in Milk(one of my fav. primers ever!), then as the shadows I used GDE in Snow Globe as a white base all the way from the lash line to the brow bone, then I used Sparkler, which is a shade by ThatgirlShaexo(on Youtube) I LOVE her, I used this shade just on the lid, from the lash to the crease, then I used SuperNova, by bowsandcurtseys(love her too!!) AMAZING sparkly black color, I'll do swatches for you soon. Then I just used a NYX black eyeliner pencil to line the waterline and used Maybelline Falsies and Collassal for mascara(curled with a eyelash curler of course).

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Again, to purchase GDE click the banner on the top right on my blog's home page OR click this link :p it IS affiliate, but all of these reviews/everytime I talk about how much I love GDE, I'm NOT lying, I swear :p

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Who Loves Rainbows....I DO!

So I was inspired by a look I saw on FB and decided to experiment with a rainbow look, I've done something to this effect, but never exactly this. Here are the pics, and below I will explain what I used for all of them, I mainly used BFTE cosmetics, so to buy some of THOSE click HERE!

Anyway here are the pictures(click to enlarge):

I used UDPP in Eden on my lid as a primer, then as an additional primer/base I used NYX JEP in Milk. Then colors on the lid from left to right are(all BFTE): Addicted & Promises, Orangery, Beam, Lavish &Erase the Stigma and Caribbean. Big Ego is used on the lower lash line in the middle for a little purple. Heat is used in the crease for a little definition. Crystal(and Aspen Summit by Sephora) are used as a highlight color.

I purposely used black eyeliner only on one eye to see which looked better :p I still haven't decided. I used Marbella permanent liquid eyeliner pen for it.

Face has Jouer Tinted Moisturizer on it, NARS Laugna bronzer, and mark. blush in Good Glowing. I have Jouer lip gloss in Peony on my lips.

Just throwing in my  NPOTW(nail polish of the week :p) it's Zoya's Cho with Zoya's  Maisie over it.

What do you guys think of the look? Any requests? Let me know!! Again, to purchase BFTE products go here. BFTE and Glamour Doll Eye's make my favorite mineral eye makeup ever! Check GDE out here(affiliate link!), and a post of mine swatching their eyeshadows(I have a couple, that's just one)!

Disclaimer: BFTE does not pay me for my reviews/swatches/looks. I do this cause I love them :p Also, GDE doesn't pay me either(unless one of you guys purchases from them, since it's an affiliate link!) This is my honest opinion of them.

Benefit Cosmetic Flash Sale!!!!(2 days only!)

HEY! Check out the flash sale at Benefit Cosmetics, awesome deal on 6 new complexion and lip/cheek kits! It's only available on their website. Snag them before they sell out. These are all awesome kits, I own many of the products in them already(and unfortunately bought them for more $$ :p)

Here are pics of them(all taken from the Benefit Cosmetics site:

feelin' dandygo tropiCORALsugarlicioushow to look the best at everything - light

how to look the best at everything - mediumhow to look the best at everything - deep

My favorite kits are the Sugarlicious and go tropiCoral. Are you getting in on this deal? Let me know and tell me which one you got!

Disclaimer: This is completely my opinion, I don't get paid or even speak to anyone from Benefit Cosmetics :p I wish :D

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Birchbox July 2012(Picture Heavy)

Can't wait to try this stuff, I LOVE highlighters/illuminators. I'll let you know what I think.
This looks more like the color in real life then the picture below. I LOVE this gloss, it feels and look wonderful.
Called Peony

Smells good, but I am VERY particular about my perfumes. I HATE getting perfume samples, such a cheap sample.

Haven't tried, but I love mints. I'll let you know what  I think.

I use headphones at work, so I'll prob. end up using these there, or trading them. They are cute but eh.

I'm VERY particular about my mascara, b/c I have very long very stubborn and straight lashes. I doubt this will do the job, but I'll try it once, if it doesn't work, I'll try to trade it.

I love Birchbox, it's my favorite sample beauty subscription, never fails too miserably for me. If you wanna check out Birchbox click HERE, it is an affiliate link.

Any suggestions on posts people? I get lazy when I don't have suggestions :p but don't worry I'll never get so lazy I stop. I'm researching cameras now so I can do a tutorial for you guys. I will have a picture tutorial soon though, I hope by the end of the week!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Nail Polish Swatches!

SWATCH TIME! I love swatches, they are my favorite, so here are some for you! I got a haul of Zoya AND I participated in a circular makeup swap(a box that moves around and people take out what they want and replace it with samples/products they don't want). So I got 3 nail polishes from there as well.

Here you go:

Deborah Lippmann in Jewel in the Crown, only one coat, you can definitely build it up to be more, BAM!

I loved the top if this, I'm a sucker for packaging so I was totally drawn in by this.

I'm sorry this is blurry!!! You can basically see the color though, Essie in Smooth Sailing

Zoya in Stacy

Zoya in America

Zoya in Pippa, unfortunately this isn't the bright yellow I was expecting, it's a bit more pastely then I thought.

Base is Zoya in Raven with Zoya in Chloe over it. SO pretty!

Base is Zoya in Raven with Zoya in Maisie over it. This is AMAZING and awesome over black. You can put it over anything but I love it over black.

Still Chlor over Raven :p 
I just put the two together so you could see. Looks like I have a lot of fingers on one hand! :p

So those are the nail polishes. I got Jewel in the Crown, Smooth Sailing, and Stacy through the swap and the rest I bought from Zoya(I got the color America for free from their promotion!

To check out Zoya's polishes go here!(It IS an affiliate link!)

Any suggestions for blog posts? Anything you wanna see? Swatches I can do for you? Let me know!

Also, don't mind the messy nails, for swatches I don't go all out, I just put the color on and take it off :p I am wearing the bottom two at the moment though :p

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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Independence Day Look(Picture Heavy!!)

So I wanted to do some kind of July 4th look, and this is what I came up with.

After I was looking at the picture I realized the white stripes kind of look like teeth! Scary! :p That's the point of makeup though right? Experimentation and having fun! So here the look!!!

I used Zoya nail polish in Cho, OPI nail polish in Ski Teal We Drop, and mark. nail polish in Tango(Ibiza Sol)

I primed my lids with Urban Decay primer potion, I used Kryolan's Cream Color Metallic Wheel's silver color for the base, BFTE's Crystal as a highlight and in the inner corner, BFTE's Peacock on the inner 1/3 and BFTE's Addicted on the outer 1/3. Then I used Maybelline's Falsies mascara.

I used my Beauties Factory palette for this

So that's the look! Hope you liked!

As you can tell I don't EVER photoshop my photos, what you see is exactly how I have it in real life :p I'm not hating on those who do decide to photoshop it just isn't how I do it. If I ever do decide to jump on the photoshop bandwagon you'll know :p

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Also, check out my previous post, you can get a FREE Zoya nail polish, YAY!