Saturday, December 18, 2010

Case # 2: Busy busy busy and stressed

So I just got finished with my finals and my 3rd semester @UConn! It's my last semester there too. I'll be attending CCSU this coming semester which I think is the right decision. I don't want to go to UConn Storrs..I have a life here. Maybe not an amazing one, but I do have an amazing boyfriend, a job(which isn't the best @ times, but I feel comfortable there and know what I'm doing, and I have a place to live here. Why would I want to leave? I love West Hartford. Unfortunately I still have no idea what I want to do with my life. I'd LOVE to become a makeup artist but I know that's not possible. I just love makeup and the application of it, and the face as a canvas is just beautiful to me.

The plan is to go to CCSU, enter into their nursing program(which is known to be a pretty good program) and graduate with a bachelors in nursing. Then go on to graduate school to become a PA or some kind of a nurse. We'll see hwo that works out. I know that's what will "work out best" for me. I'm just worried it isn't what will make me happiest /:

One of the biggest problems in America(I feel) is that we are just too rushed to make all these HUGE life decisions that we have to make. I've never had a break to just try to figure out what I want and who I am. So now I'm stuck. I owe all kinds of money for school, and I'm just wasting my time because I'm going into my 4th semester and I'm not even in a major yet /:

My verdict is that I have no idea what my verdict is!!! That's the problem. It should be mandatory that all students take a year off to do something productive and to TRY to figure themselves out. I'm not saying it's necessarily possible to figure yourself out within a year, or maybe it could take LESS then a year but we should all be given the opportunity without society looking down upon us. OR they should make the 1st year of college free, OR really really cheap so we still get credit, but can figure everything out. 

WISH ME LUCK! and good luck to all my fellow confused college students :D

Monday, December 13, 2010

Case #1: Wrath of the Customers

So today's blog, like many others, will center around how frustrating and sometimes stupid customers can be(customers anywhere, not just where I work but these just happen to happen to me).

The 1st happened on Saturday: Guy comes in, looks @ our menu, orders a bunch of dishes with don't have anymore(that's right...with the menu RIGHT in front of him), then orders one of our seafood dishes(along with some other stuff). When he gets it all, he starts getting really pissed because he says the menu "mislead" him to believe that the seafood dish came with pasta. Nowhere in the description of the meal is there any mention of pasta. He gave my co-worker(and friend :D) a really hard time. Such a crappy way to start out a shift. It still amazes me that people don't read. We're told in school from about 1st grade that we should always read directions VERY CAREFULLY. Well who decided that would change when we got older? Always read!! Read as if you're signing a legal document. Seriously. Same goes for coupons, if it's expired, sorry I can't and don't WANT to help you. I just want to throw it out.

2nd Incident: Happened on the same day. One of our semi-regulars comes in to pick up 2 pizzas he had ordered. He looks @ them before he leaves(as all people should, actually we should be showing YOU what the food looks like, you should always leave satisfied.) He grimaced and said that both pizzas didn't have enough cheese on them. This just pissed me off because both pizzas had more cheese on them then what we regularly put on our pizzas(I'm the 1st to admit that sometimes we're a little skimpy on our portions of cheese). He said because he could see the sauce, there wasn't enough cheese(to which my boyfriend later told me was an accurate statement). All I have to say to that is if you need your cheese to be hiding your sauce, don't be surprised when you get older and end up with a cholesterol problem. LAY OFF THE CHEESE!

3rd Incident: ALSO happened that day. Saturday just wasn't a good day for us carry-out staff :D. A women comes in and just stands there at the counter, so assuming that she's picking up(b/c she didn't say anything and we only had one order that needed to be picked up) we asked if she was picking up for "wanda"(that was the name for the last order we had). She said "no" in a really rude manner and stopped talking. So confused I asked her if she was picking up for a different order that just hadn't come up yet? She said "no" again, once again in a rude disgusting way, and stopped talking. So the last and only thing I had left to asked her was, "ok so how[THE HELL] can I help you?"(I skipped out on saying the bracketed part). Her response, just like the rest was rude, "well I want to place an order obviously." How the hell is that obvious to us?! She didn't say one word except "no." Bitch. Communication is the key people. If you communicate with us in a nice, polite manner, I promise we will be nice, friendly and get you your food perfectly and quickly.

The last incident for this blog happened to me today. I pick up the phone and a man who seems kind of annoyed begins to explain to me that he needs to talk to someone because he went to order a gift card online, and because his internet was slow, he kept retyping in his credit card info. and ended up charging 900$ worth of our restaurant's gift cards on his bill. The fraud company called to see what the heck was up with this. So he called us to ask for his 900$ back. 1st off, we are a corporate them. 2nd, why would you put your card through 9x? All kinds of websites warn you NOT to type your credit card info. more then once. If it seems as if the transaction didn't go through, wait a bit and then check either your online banking or call someone. NEVER PUT THE CARD THROUGH AGAIN!

So I'll end this post with my verdict:

PATIENCE!! Patience is one of the most important traits anyone can have. Both the customers and the workers need to practice this. I'll admit I'm not the best at being patient, but I'm a hell of a lot more patient then 3/4 of the customers that come in. If everyone is calm and patient, everything will get sorted out in a good manner. Also, don't be stupid. That's easier said then done though :p

I'll be back with more stories from "the courtroom" later :D

Judge Julie out

Here's the Plan

In this blog I will be the "judge" for "cases" ranging from problems with working in a retail environment, to current events, to problems with our culture and other cultures. There will always be a "case" and a "verdict" and the verdict will just be an opinion of mine. This is a blog where I can speak my mind and vent so that my boyfriend's ears don't bleed :p

I will try to take an objective take on all the issues I discuss, however, it's a venting blog and I don't plan on holding back. Let's not kid ourselves, everyone goes through these problems that I plan on discussing(they will all be events that happen to me anywhere,anytime) and let's not pretend that none of us exemplify the type of issues or people I will discuss.

Have fun, and don't hate my verdict too much :p