Monday, December 13, 2010

Here's the Plan

In this blog I will be the "judge" for "cases" ranging from problems with working in a retail environment, to current events, to problems with our culture and other cultures. There will always be a "case" and a "verdict" and the verdict will just be an opinion of mine. This is a blog where I can speak my mind and vent so that my boyfriend's ears don't bleed :p

I will try to take an objective take on all the issues I discuss, however, it's a venting blog and I don't plan on holding back. Let's not kid ourselves, everyone goes through these problems that I plan on discussing(they will all be events that happen to me anywhere,anytime) and let's not pretend that none of us exemplify the type of issues or people I will discuss.

Have fun, and don't hate my verdict too much :p

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