Friday, September 18, 2015

Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca Remix Palette Swatches (Picture Heavy)

Ok, so I haven't been so excited about a makeup palette in a VERY long time. It's almost like this palette was made for me. Anyone who knows me knows how much I LOVE color. All. Things. Color. So I had to get this palette. This is a limited edition Holiday 2015 palette being sold exclusively at Sephora. It can be found here. It retails for $59.00.
Go get it! I love that it not only has bright colors, but also neutrals, so it's so versatile.

Here are the swatches (I'll review briefly at the bottom of the swatch if there's anything important to say)! The bottom color is by itself, the middle is over NARS Eye Primer, and the top is over NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk (white base). All of them definitely were best with the NARS Eye Primer (or any eye primer I'd assume), but some didn't do great over the white base. This was just my experience with the swatching on my arm, it may be different on the eyelid.

Harpsichord-this is beautiful regardless of what was underneath it.
Analogue-I love the burnt orangey color this got with the eye primer.
Fran-this was a little chalky, but it can be worked with to look smooth.

Vinyl-the vibrancy isn't picking up great on my camera but this is VERY bright an awesome.
Hyperballad-my least favorite color in the palette, SO chalky as you can see. I worked with it a bit too and couldn't help it. May be best as just used on the lower lash line...?
Dark Wave-also a little chalky, but bearable.
Echo-this was the only one that DIDN'T work well with the eye primer. It was definitely best either by itself for a lighter purple or over the white for a darker purple.
Muse-a little chalky, but still beautiful.
Anthem- pretty chalky, but can be worked with as well.
Love-beautiful, beautiful color.
Vox-chalky, and best by itself I'd say.
Black Metal-best by itself or with eye primer.
Strutter-I am not sure if it's because I did so many swatches one after the other, but this got so "dirty" looking over the eye primer and the white base. I washed my hand/fingers between each swatch so I'm not sure. It didn't look bad, just "dirtier".
Noble-this also got a little "dirty" over the eye primer and white base. Again, not bad, just different than the bare color.

Overall I am SO happy with this palette. I have no doubt that it will be a regular go to for me. Yes, there were some colors that may be a little harder to work with, but not impossible. And overall the colors are great, vibrant, and smooth. Again, I love the mix of brights with the vibrant colors.

If you have this palette how do you like it?! If you don't have it, do you plan on picking it up?