Saturday, April 27, 2013

Matte^2 Masculine Glamour Doll Eyes Collection Swatches

DISCLAIMER: I bought this collection with my own money, I wasn't paid to do this review in any way. I just love GDE! :D

Hey! So I got a chance to purchase this collection early to review/swatch it for you guys! You all should know by now how obsessed I am with Glamour Doll Eyes eyeshadows. I'll leave my comments about the collection below the swatches. The concept behind the collection came from Unveil (from the Halo collection, I have that swatched here). They are all mattes with a shimmer/sheen to them.

So without further adieu:

All swatches are:
Top -White Base (NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk)
Middle -Urban Decay Primer Potion
Bottom -No base

So as always, love the colors/shadows. These are all matte colors (hence the name of the collection) so they are much trickier to work with then other shadows. They all definitely need a base if you want to get a really good, vibrant color out of them. Some colors were particularly tricky to work with (Courageous, Fearless, and Irrational) but they all still came out great with bases. My favorite colors from the collection are definitely Presumptuous, Chivalrous, Irrational(despite its difficult nature) and Inconsiderate (because it's such a nude color but I think it's done beautifully).

This collection is going to be released June 21st and it will ONLY be available for 6 months so be prepared to get your hands on it if you're interested.

To check out GDE, click here!

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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Zoya Polish Exchange for Earth Day is Back

One of my favorite sales ever is back!!! Zoya Polish Exchange!

Basically, you pick any polishes you want (with the exception of the PixieDusts) and you have to buy a min. of 6 and then use the code ZOYAEARTH2013 to get 50% off. The catch is that they hope you will return polishes to them that aren't Zoya and they will recycle them for you!

You don't HAVE to return polishes, but it's a nice touch.

Click here is the link to more information about the sale!

The polishes I got with this sale are:

If any of you do the sale, let me know what you end up getting!!!

Monday, April 15, 2013

So sorry guys!!!

I have basically been ignoring you all and my blog for this entire semester!! It's been crazy. I'm in my last full semester (I have one more as a part time student) so I've been so busy with work and school.

School is over in 2 weeks and I will be posting a GDE swatch post and video. I'll also be posting a Zoya polish swatch blog.

Again, SO sorry it's been a while. It's hard for me to keep up. I wish this blog was big enough where I can focus on JUST this :p but unfortunately I cannot do that...yet :p