Monday, July 9, 2012

Nail Polish Swatches!

SWATCH TIME! I love swatches, they are my favorite, so here are some for you! I got a haul of Zoya AND I participated in a circular makeup swap(a box that moves around and people take out what they want and replace it with samples/products they don't want). So I got 3 nail polishes from there as well.

Here you go:

Deborah Lippmann in Jewel in the Crown, only one coat, you can definitely build it up to be more, BAM!

I loved the top if this, I'm a sucker for packaging so I was totally drawn in by this.

I'm sorry this is blurry!!! You can basically see the color though, Essie in Smooth Sailing

Zoya in Stacy

Zoya in America

Zoya in Pippa, unfortunately this isn't the bright yellow I was expecting, it's a bit more pastely then I thought.

Base is Zoya in Raven with Zoya in Chloe over it. SO pretty!

Base is Zoya in Raven with Zoya in Maisie over it. This is AMAZING and awesome over black. You can put it over anything but I love it over black.

Still Chlor over Raven :p 
I just put the two together so you could see. Looks like I have a lot of fingers on one hand! :p

So those are the nail polishes. I got Jewel in the Crown, Smooth Sailing, and Stacy through the swap and the rest I bought from Zoya(I got the color America for free from their promotion!

To check out Zoya's polishes go here!(It IS an affiliate link!)

Any suggestions for blog posts? Anything you wanna see? Swatches I can do for you? Let me know!

Also, don't mind the messy nails, for swatches I don't go all out, I just put the color on and take it off :p I am wearing the bottom two at the moment though :p

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