Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Who Loves Rainbows....I DO!

So I was inspired by a look I saw on FB and decided to experiment with a rainbow look, I've done something to this effect, but never exactly this. Here are the pics, and below I will explain what I used for all of them, I mainly used BFTE cosmetics, so to buy some of THOSE click HERE!

Anyway here are the pictures(click to enlarge):

I used UDPP in Eden on my lid as a primer, then as an additional primer/base I used NYX JEP in Milk. Then colors on the lid from left to right are(all BFTE): Addicted & Promises, Orangery, Beam, Lavish &Erase the Stigma and Caribbean. Big Ego is used on the lower lash line in the middle for a little purple. Heat is used in the crease for a little definition. Crystal(and Aspen Summit by Sephora) are used as a highlight color.

I purposely used black eyeliner only on one eye to see which looked better :p I still haven't decided. I used Marbella permanent liquid eyeliner pen for it.

Face has Jouer Tinted Moisturizer on it, NARS Laugna bronzer, and mark. blush in Good Glowing. I have Jouer lip gloss in Peony on my lips.

Just throwing in my  NPOTW(nail polish of the week :p) it's Zoya's Cho with Zoya's  Maisie over it.

What do you guys think of the look? Any requests? Let me know!! Again, to purchase BFTE products go here. BFTE and Glamour Doll Eye's make my favorite mineral eye makeup ever! Check GDE out here(affiliate link!), and a post of mine swatching their eyeshadows(I have a couple, that's just one)!

Disclaimer: BFTE does not pay me for my reviews/swatches/looks. I do this cause I love them :p Also, GDE doesn't pay me either(unless one of you guys purchases from them, since it's an affiliate link!) This is my honest opinion of them.


  1. Love this look so much!

    Have a beautiful day


    1. Thank you very much! I love it too :p