Monday, March 26, 2012

Glamour Doll Eyes Haul/Review

So I placed an order with Glamour Doll Eyes because I LOVE their mineral eye shadows. She also had a sale every Monday for a "March Madness" sale she was doing, so I took advantage of 2 of them. I think there will be one more next monday, so follow her on FB and she posts what it is and what the code is.

So I got one of my orders today, and here are the colors I got, my camera/lighting doesn't do the colors justice, but you can get a basic feel for them. I'll tell you what I think of them at the end of this post. Here are the pics:

Colors from left to right: Trophy Wife, Ahoy Sailor, Dirty Jeans, Girlfriend Sweater, Jayne, Picture Whore, Backstabber, Cloud Coverage.(Top is on primer, bottom is dry) This one was done with REALLY bad lighting :p but just shows you a diff. view!

From Bottom to Top: Trophy Wife, Ahoy Sailor, and Dirty Jeans(left is w/ primer, right is dry)

From Left to Right: Trophy Wife, Ahoy Sailor, Dirty Jeans, Girlfriend Sweater, Jayne, Picture Whore, Backstabber, Cloud Coverage. (Top is w/ primer, bottom dry)

Trophy Wife, and Ahoy Sailor(left is w/ primer, right is dry)

Bottom to Top: Dirty Jeans, Girlfriend Sweater, and Jayne(left is w/ primer, right is dry)

Bottom to Top: Jayne, Picture Whore, Backstabber, and Cloud Coverage(left is w/ primer, right is dry)

I had REALLY high expectations for the matté colors(Ahoy Sailor and Girlfriend Sweater) but unfortunately they were SO hard to work with!!!!! Makes me so sad. They really are beautiful colors, amazing, but for some reason they don't go on my skin well. I'm gonna try an actual look out with them and see how it works. I'll post it here!

As for the other colors, <3 <3 <3, I am IN LOVE with Trophy Wife(which I knew I would be), Dirty Jeans and Picture Whore. The colors are so incredible and such high pigmentation without using up too much color.

So in summary, LOVE all of the colors, but the matté ones just aren't hitting the spot for me(in SWATCHES, maybe in a look I'll change my mind).

Full Sized Jars are $6.00
Sample Sized Jars are $2.50
Sample Baggies are $1.25

There are also other things on her site like Eye Lights(I have some of those coming next week, so I'll review those too. Also, lip gloss and other things.


  1. These look so good, and I really like her. I think I'll have to order some soon....

    1. Yes you definitely should. I have a link to her site right on my blog, OR I put a link in the blogpost. She is awesome, great CS also. I actually just got ANOTHER order in today and I'll swatch those for you guys as well :p

  2. The colours look really bright and pretty - I especially like Trophy Wife!


    1. Trophy Wife is my favorite. I've used it everyday since I got it!

  3. I've been following her for a while now and these swatches are making me want their products so much! They are gorgeous! I especially love girlfriend sweater and jayne! Also, I gave you the blogger appreciation award on my lastest post. Can't wait to see what other posts you have in the future! :D

    1. Awe you are too cute!! Thank you SO much for the blogger appreciation award, that really is sweet. It's really inspiring to know people are actually enjoying my blog :D

      ps. you definitely should buy her products, they are amazing :D