Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Gillette Venus & Olay

So I was chosen to receive a Love VoxBox from Influnester, you can find out what I'm talking about here.

The 1st thing I'll review is the Gillette Venus & Olay razor:
So the 1st thing I noticed about it is that it didn't come with only 1 razor blade refill. Sometimes companies will have a razor already attached and then give you a refill, but they only gave you one razor for this. That isn't an end all be all though.

Next, I really like the grip, it really allows me to be sure I have a good grip on the razor. I also LOVED the smell. I wanna say it smells like honey, and its so refreshing to me. I also liked the shower hook, it was simple but does the job well. After using it to shave 2x so far, I did notice how smooth it made my skin.

That being said, I do think that the "moisture bars" run our SO quickly. After 2 uses I can tell that probably with 2 more uses I will already have to refill the head! That seems crazy to me because the refills aren't cheap, but maybe I'm just somehow using it wrong? Anyway, that's about the only REAL issue I found with it so far.

The razor features:
-Olay moisture bar to keep your skin smooth and full or moisture
-5 razor blades to get a close shave
-Interchangeable razor blade refill cartridge
-Shower hook
- and an excellent grip to have full control

Overall, I will probably repurchase refills, especially b/c I won't have to buy shaving cream and that takes that expense away PLUS more room in the shower. If the refills need to be refilled TOO frequently maybe I'll return to a regular razor.

P.S. I received this item for FREE from Influenster. I didn't use any of my own money for this product, however, my review is of my own opinion and I speak the truth with what I say.

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