Sunday, March 25, 2012

My Birchbox/MyGlam March 2012 boxes

SO sorry this is so late. I got 3 boxes(2 Birchbox and 1 MyGlam) and I've been SO busy. I also got my Influenster so it has been a crazy month for me. It makes me so sad, I wish I could film more ACTUAL makeup videos for you guys.

Good news though: We are only 7 subscribers away from getting to 50(which is my giveaway) help me get there!! Spread the word, check out this post to see what you will win if you win the giveaway!

Ok so here goes, this is what I go in my 3 boxes:

Teen Vogue Birchbox!!!! :

Regular Birchbox:


So I LOOOOOOVE my TeenVogue Birchbox, it is amazing. The Essie and Tarte were both full size and AMAZING, and the other products were ok, but those 2 make it great.

My regular Birchbox was MUCH less exciting. I didn't get the box I wanted, and no one wanted to trade with me(rightfully so, it wasn't a great box /:) so I was a bit dissapointed, but I still love BB so whatever. I will definitely use everythin except the Juice Beauty(I already owned this and didn't love it, prob. will give it in a giveaway at some point after my 50 sub. giveaway), I also won't use the perfume I don't think.

My MyGlam is almost always disappointing :p I learned to expect this. I can't bring myself to cancel, but I haven't loved ANY of my bags. I've been using the Pur-Lisse lip treatment, I kinda like it but it feels SO oily.I think it's working though, but I'm not sure. I also luckily got a full size, I heard some people didn't get a full size even though they were suppose to. They also pulled that crap with the "gift-card" again. it ISNT a gift card b/c you HAVE to spend money to get it, but whatever. I actually will use this coupon.


  1. I had the same perfume in my box. I had Box #19. I wore the perfume today. I went to my dance class for an hour and felt like a big sweaty mess afterwards but the girl at the juice bar was like "You smell so good!" I like it but I'm not into really floral or sweet smelling perfumes.

    1. I'm very particular about my perfumes, also I don't really own many. I tend to spend my $ on makeup not perfumes. My FAVORITE of all times is a tie between Victoria's Secret Sexy Little Things OR DKNY Be Delicious(the original apple one). I Love them. I also have a Juicy Couture one I wear occasionally.