Friday, December 16, 2011

My Makeup Collection Overview

My 2nd drawer: All my eyeshadows/liners on the left
and BFTE cosmetics and mascaras to the right.
This is the 1st drawer: All my lip products and
all my brushes.

3rd Drawer(sorry it's flipped): False eyelashes/glue,
lotions and perfume shimmer powders, and all my palettes. 
4th Drawer: All my face stuff. Foundations, bronzers, blushes, illuminators, highlighters, and refreshing spray.
The drawers are that thing to the left, but all the stuff on the desk is also makeup. Mostly all of that is mark. cosmetic stuff. My collection grows every day (un)fortunately. :D

I have been selling mark. stuff for a few months now and I love it. I'm a HUGE fan of all the cosmetics. I've only gotten a few fashion items from them and all that I have I love, but I've heard some bad things too.
To buy mark. stuff go to my mark. site and place an order! Use the promo code: WELCOME to get free shipping!


  1. I LOVE mark products. I used to have a ton of the hookups!!

  2. yes maam!!!! It's so nice to see you're reading my blog!! Keep up with it! I use a LOT of mark. products because I sell mark.

    Interested in getting your hook up collection back up?? Go to and shop away!!! If you have questions please ask!