Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Trip to NYC :D

So this past weekend we went to NYC :D We left around 10 p.m on Friday night because my mom had an orchestra concert we were attending. We got to NYC around midnight. This is actually the 1st time I've ever slept over in NYC because we live so close it seemed like a waste of $. However, Dave(my boyfriend) just graduated college so we had to celebrate!

So Friday we got there late, Asya(my aunt) left her purse in a taxi!!! Luckily, she labels her things with her e-mail address, and someone contacted her saying they found it and they lived SUPER close by. We got lucky :D Then we played charades for a while and then went to bed.

Waking up in NY Sat. morning was pretty special. We went out for coffee at a local coffee place, it felt nice behaving like a resident NYer. Then we went back to our apartment and made french toast for breakfast. Then we headed out to the Guggenheim museum to see the Maurizio Cattelan exhibit. It was INCREDIBLE. The art was so twisted, scary, emotional and political.

That's a REAL horse!!(well it's dead and stuffed, but....) How crazy is that?? I was kinda taken aback but I couldn't stop looking. It was a very powerful exhibition.

After that we went to eat at a Viennese Café called Café Sabarsky. It was SO good. The line was kind of long, it's a popular place, but food was incredible. I got a sausage dish(and I deff. don't remember what it was called :p, and then I got their apfelstrudel(apple strudel) and it was SO good. I got coffee with it too and their whipped cream is amazing. It isn't sweet, but it's prefect.

Then we went to visit the Met, they stopped doing free admission though /: so we decided it wasn't worth it to stay. Instead we went back to the apartment to relax a little. Dave took a long nap while Asya, Glenn and I spent hours looking at runway shows through the Cut on the Runway app on Asya's iPad. Pretty amazing app and it's free! Then we found Cleopatra's Needle that does live music and they were featuring a jazz band so we decided to go just for drinks and the band(we were still stuffed from the café). The jazz band was SO good and that's a LOT coming from me since I usually hate all that stuff. Her name is Champian Fulton and her voice and piano skills are amazing, and her band was great too(her dad was the trumpeter!!!) After a couple hours there we headed back to the apartment(with a a pizza :p) and ate,talked, and then slept.

We woke up on Sunday, went to that same coffee shop to get coffees, met up with my mom who was coming to spend the day with us :D We took a stroll down 5th Ave.(of COURSE I stopped at the Sephora there. I wasn't that impressed, I have a pretty awesome Sephora right near my house, but still it was awesome like always. Then we went to MoMA(where Dave officially became a member :D) 

We had spa appointments at 3pm in SoHo at a place called the Water Lily Spa. The spa was ok (they have an awesome deal $100/2 hrs of your choice of service). I got a swedish massage and deep cleansing facial, it was all an ok experience.  Then we went to eat at a place called the Red Egg, the service started out horribly, but then got better and better and let me tell you, the food was AMAZING! Make sure to leave room for dessert because all the deserts were incredible. We had the coconut pudding, the ginger creme brulee, and Egg Cream rolls. They were all amazing.

Our final stop in NYC was a cafe called Café Roma and then we went home. Overall, it was a great trip and an awesome 1st experience with staying in NYC.

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