Friday, December 30, 2011

Beauty Resolutions for 2012!

Hey! So I find I preach a lot of important beauty/skincare rituals that I don't actually practice, so here's a list of things that should always be done and together we should motivate each other to do it.

Any tips on how to make these resolutions actually stick?

1.) Always wear sunscreen, this one is actually REALLY important because this can dramatically affect your health ONTOP of making you look healthier.

2.) Take your makeup off every night, also very crucial because when you keep your makeup on, not only is it a pain to get off and work with in the morning, but you also clogged your pores and most likely will have acne appear. I use Yes to Cucumber facial towelettes and I LOVE them, they smell amazing and do the job well.

3.) Exfoliate, you can check out my previous post about exfoliation, you can make it fun! It'll make your skin SO smooth and make moisturizing much more effective.

4.) Moisturize right out of the shower, when your skin is wet moisturizer is much more effective and it gets right into the skin. This is important because the shower strips your skin of it's oils, so you replace them with moisturizer! To remind yourself to do this, keep the lotion in the shower with you.

5.) Clean your makeup brushes regularly, this will even help make your makeup look better because you won't be mixing colors(that you don't want mixed). Also, it's just better for your skin and more hygienic. Use Parian Spirit brush cleaner, it works amazingly.

These are just 5 very important acts that should be a part of every girls(and guys) makeup routine. Let me know throughout this new year how this works for you and keep a thread going on how you guys keep to this routine.

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