Monday, January 2, 2012

New Years!!! Happy 2012!!!!!

This is my mommy, me, and my aunt :D I'm wearing a wig, my hair isn't that crazy :p Anyway, I spent New Years with my family and boyfriend and we had a great time. I did everyones makeup(I unfortunately don't have very good pictures to show off /: but I got great feedback from everyone), my aunt made cocktails all night that were amazing and we just had a blast.

What did you guys do for New Years??? Any resolutions for 2012 or do you guys think that's a bad tradition?

Also, what are your thoughts about what's to come in 2012, will the world end? If not will it just be a major change that occurs? Thoughts?


  1. Hey :)
    I found your blog on so I wanted to check it out. Im following. You guys look very pretty!! Every year I always say Im gonna eat healthier and work out. I usually dont stick to it. lol
    So before New Years I decided to start eating better & working out and I've actually stuck to it. lol I think its something about "New Years Resolutions" that make it hard to follow through with.


    1. Thank for following I appreciate it!!!! Yeah New Years resolutions are crazy. It's a cute tradition because it gets people motivated, but you have to want to do those things at ANY time of the year not just December 31st-Jan 1st lol. It so nice to hear youre actually sticking to your resolutions!!! Good for you!