Thursday, January 26, 2012

BFTE Swatches!!!!

Hey folks, so I just received my beautiful pink package from Beauty from the Earth and I just HAD to take swatches. I am in love. Here is a look:

Click on the images to see them larger, that way you can read what colors are what.

Anyway, HOW GORGEOUS! I love BFTE, Crystal(the owner) is awesome and there's amazing customer service. Check out the site @ BFTE's Site. She's also very active on her FB page and ALWAYS doing giveaway, so check that out here.

So I got 20 colors(21 if you include the FREE sample I got). I love them all. I'm extremely happy. There are hundreds of other colors I would love to(and eventually will) get from them as well. I also already own about 20, so this just adds to my already pretty huge collection :D

So I hope you enjoyed, if you have any questions please ask. Otherwise please follow my blog and check out my YT Channel!!!!

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