Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My Favorite mark. Products

So todays post is about my favorite mark. products. I used to not even know what mark. was, and then I got really bored with the way my life was going and needed to having something to do(I was laid off from my job and it was the 1st time I was unemployed). So I looked into selling mark. products and decided it was an AMAZING deal. So since then I've kind of become addicted with many products of theirs. These are my top 3(it's kind of 5, but 2 of them are "hook-ups":

1.) mark. Touch &Glow: As you can see above I have some swatches, the lighting is horrible so the picture doesn't do the colors justice, but they're AMAZING. So iridescent and perfect for everything. Highlight color, all over the face and body illuminator and eyeshadow colors. I LOVE this multi-use product. It's also a creme to powder finish, so goes on amazing, but never creases :D

2.) mark. Get In Line waterproof liquid liner in "Painted Black": Goes on so well and doesn't smudge.
     mark. On the Edge liquid liner in "Cleo": I love the brush for this, goes on so well, and you can smudge it to create a smokey eye, or leave it to be bold and precise.

3.) mark. Pro Glimmer lip powder in " Peek" and "Punk": I LOVE this stuff. The only con is that when you open it sometimes the powder goes everywhere :p but I love how this makes your lips look. This is actually being discontinued /: But I hope they bring it back, I love it so much. Both colors look gorgeous and do so much for my lips.

So if any of you are interested in buying anything go to my mark. website and check it out :D

Also, if anyone is interested in also selling it, making some extra money on the side, meeting a lot of new people and getting a great discount for LIFE on mark. products(all for only $20) then comment below, sign-up yourself but please use the referral code: 13299641 OR e-mail me at Jwls750@yahoo.com! I'd be happy to answer any questions, it really is a pretty large part of my life now.

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