Sunday, April 3, 2011

Long time no talk!

So I haven't posted in a while, but I decided to today. I changed my name as you can see, because I don't think I'm gonna be doing what I had planned originally for the site. I've been addicted to Blair and Elle Fowler's youtube videos and their site. They both talk..a LOT, but so do I so I can stand it, plus their reviews and tutorials are amazing. Best makeup gurus on youtube that I've seen currently. Anyway, so it got me inspired. I need a new Macbook, but once I get one(hopefully soon /:) I'll be able to start making my own videos. Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE makeup. I'm going to Brio to get certified in Makeup Artistry in May actually. So if you or someone you know needs makeup done, I'll be more then glad, and I'll be certified by the end of July :D

I recently went to the mall to pick up some things from MAC and Sephora, two of my favorite stores. From Sephora I got a NARS blush called Orgasm, it's amazing. I also got a lip brush from them because at the MAC store I purchased the Viva Glam GaGa lipstick which i LOVE! The best application of it is deff. with a brush which is why I purchased the brush at Sephora(MAC brushes are too expensive for me).

So I'm just updating on what I bought, I'll start to try to update this more regularly now that I can talk about makeup on here. Let's hope I get the new Mac soon so that I can start posting videos.

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