Thursday, August 23, 2012

Zoya Back to School BOGO Sale!!!

Hey! My fav. nail polish brand, Zoya is having a BOGO sale, check out all the information at THEIR blog here! Unfortunately, this sale is only applicable to those who ALREADY have accounts /: so I hope you do! If not they ALWAYS have awesome sales and I'll keep you updated.

In the meantime, ff you want to buy Zoya, you can go directly to Zoya's website here, but this IS a referral code for me, just so you know. I get "Share the Love" points if you buy from Zoya using this link :p

To check out some Zoya swatches I have(and of course I will have more from this sale :p) click here!

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  1. which ones did you get? i'm still deciding if i want some ;)

    1. I got Robyn, Lulu, Purity, Miley, Nina, Shelby and also a base coat, but that wasn't part of the BOGO /:

      I was gonna get more, but was on a bit of a budget. I have a huuuuuuge wish list on Zoya :p so I just chose 6 from my wishlist.

      I love love love love zoya :p clearly. This is an awesome deal so I would deff. jump on it. I love their deals like this.

      I'll put swatches up as soon as I get the polishes!