Monday, April 2, 2012

BFTE Pro Colors(and a couple of others) Swatches!

So last week BFTE Cosmetics launched their new site and products and all that fun stuff and had a 40% off sale, so of COURSE I had to buy stuff. So I bought samples of all of the new Pro colors(I am in LOVE!) and I also got a COTW(Color of the Week) and a Limited Edition color called Coral Reef.

1st off, I got the Pro Colors because I LOVE bright colors, my eyes are almost done up in bright amazing colors when I go out, even if it isn't that appropriate :p

I got the COTW because I liked the pink color, AND they changed it so that you pay $6(which is more then it used to be) BUT you get 3 FREE sample jars with it, which is pretty incredible. It's an awesome deal.

I got the shade Coral Reef because I LOVE coral shades and it did not disappoint. 

The Pro Colors are VERY pigmented, they are obviously WAY better with a base or when wet, but dry they are also quite beautiful. The swatches I did don't do the dry swatches justice because they are more pigmented then the camera picked up on, plus I only used a tiny bit of shadow, if I used more it would have been brighter.

What do you guys think of them??

Top Row is with Liquid Luster by BFTE, bottom row is by itself: Zaniah, Carrot Cake, Ushakaron, Orionis, Kraz, Nekkar, Hydrobius, Kastra, Coral Reef, Cotton Candy
Zaniah, Carrot Cake, Ushakaron, Orionis, Kraz, Nekkar, Hydrobius, Kastra
Orionis, Kraz, Nekkar, Hydrobius, Kastra, Coral Reef, Cotton Candy

Zaniah, Carrot Cake, Ushakaron, Orionis, Kraz, Nekkar

Nekkar, Hydrobius, Kastra, Coral Reef
Hydrobius, Kastra, Coral Reef, Cotton Candy

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  1. I'm in love with Nekkar it's beautiful!

    1. Yeah it is! It is my fav. color of the bunch I think. Green is my fav. color.

  2. These are gorgeous!! I love Kastra, Nekkar, and Coral Reef!

    1. Yeah Nekkar is my fav. and I wore Nekkar with Kastra the other day, loved it!

  3. Coral Reef and Nekker are my favourites! Such beautiful vibrant colours!


  4. Awesome! These look really good! I took swatches of the whole collection but they didn't turn out very well, lol. I'll be posting them on my blog in a few days I think. I really like the pro colors, my faves in this pic are Ushakaron, Kraz, Hydrobius, and Kastra. So pretty<3