Friday, October 4, 2013

Sigma's NEW! Creme De Couture Palette Review

Here's some more pictures and swatches (with NO base or primer) it's so much more vibrant with a base/primer:

To buy the Creme De Couture Palette click go to this link:

You can use this coupon code for 10% off: Fall2013 (this expires October 31,2013)

As you can see, the palette is $32. The blushes are each $12 and the whole set (palette and 3 blushes) is $55, which is an AMAZING deal.

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Let me know what you think about the camera! (It's still somewhat new!)

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  1. Loving the blue and purple! I did a blue and purple look too, you can check mine out here: I find people are often a bit hesitant to step outside of the box and use bold colors but I love them and try to use all the colors in my palettes. That palette is very nice, love the colors.

    1. The look is great!! and I'm definitely not hesitant to use bold colors. They're the only colors I DO use :D

  2. I've had my eye on this palette for quite some time. Thanks for the swatches, you've officially enabled me into getting this (pretty soon!). ENABLER!

    1. Hahaha, I feel no shame in enabling you to get this. It's the best palette EVER! Unfortnuately, I just checked there site and I don't see it on there anymore! :O They might bring it back since it's so popular, but for a little while you may be out of luck ): I'm sorry!