Friday, December 6, 2013

Lime Crime Lipstick Swatches

I've got some Lime Crime swatches for you guys!! Don't forget to enter my giveaway here!

I'll have another post up sometime this month too, because I placed an order on Black Friday with Lime Crime too, but without further ado:

Products mentioned:


  • Airborne Unicorn - I absolutely love it and do think it's wearable. One of my fav. colors of the collection.
  • D'Lilac - Love it, but a little too crazy for me, definitely will use it, but in moderation.
  • Coquette - Awesome nude shade
  • Chinchilla - Really unique, amazing shade. Definitely wearable even though it's a bold color.
  • Mint to Be - Completely unwearable, and the consistency was so different from the other lipsticks, it was very drying and hard to work with. 
  • Cosmopop - Beautiful coral/pink/orange shade. Unique, crazy, but still wearable.
  • My Beautiful Rocket - One of my fav. colors of the collection. Amazing, perfect orange.

Carousel Gloss:

  • Holly Gram - Such an interesting, unique lipgloss. Definitely might be considered "unwearable" by many, but I actually think I can rock this and pull it off (call me crazy!)

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  1. WOW I have wanted to try Lime Crime lipsticks for a while now but I wasn't sure what colors to get. they look great.

    1. You absolutely should pick some up. SO pigmented. Only one I wouldn't recommend is Mint to Be because the formula was SO drying. I can't wear it for more than a couple of minutes without my lips feeling like they're going to fall off. Even when I put chap stick/lipliner on before.

      Other than that, they're great. I have another package coming in soon (black friday shopping :p) so I'll post those as well.