Thursday, November 21, 2013

Zoya MatteVelvet Jewels Gift Set Trio Review/Swatches

UPDATE: According to their FB page, the Trio Set might be sold out as early as tomorrow (11/22/13) go get your hands on it now if you want it!

Hey Everyone! 

I have some swatches and a review for you guys on the Zoya MatteVelvet Jewels LE (Limited Edition) Gift Set Trio.

I have the colors: Veruschka, Savita, Posh which come in a collection set for $27. This IS a limited edition collection. It's perfect for the holiday seasons so I suggest grabbing it!

Based on their website they say that these are not meant to be worn with a base coat, top coat, or any speed dryer. Also, since the formula for these nail polishes are unique they tend to not be as long wearing. I literally JUST got the trio in and haven't tested out its longevity yet, but Zoya has never failed to amaze me.

The purpose of the entire collection is that they dry matte, but there is shimmer to them. Although they suggest not wearing a top coat, if you do, the colors aren't matte anymore but they do come out glossy and beautiful.

Here are some pictures (non with base or top coat):


Veruschka is a gorgeous emerald green. It's very opaque and I used 2 coats to get the perfect coverage/consistency. Green is my favorite color so I obviously love this polish.


Posh is a beautiful, classy ruby red. It took longer to dry and turn matte the the other shades, but once it dries I do think it's gorgeous. I don't love the color red on my nails, but once it finished drying (and turning matte) I think it may have been my favorite shade from the collection.


Savita is described as an amethyst purple shade. I would just go with the term "grape" :p
It reminds me so perfectly of a purple grape, especially once it's matte because often grapes take on that matte texture. I love purple, but this was probably my least favorite shade from the collection which isn't saying too much because it's only 3 shades and they are all really great. I also found this shade to take more coats then the others. In the swatch I am wearing 3 coats and to be truly opaque I could've used one more coat.

Overall, I love the collection, as I do almost every other Zoya nail polish I own. If you follow me on Instagram  you may have seen the pictures I post about my Zoya polishes...I have a LOT. This collection is perfect for the holiday season, specifically Veruschka and Posh.

Anyway, run out and buy this! It's awesome!

Any requests for posts/videos? Let me know!

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